Synecdoche Studio representing photographs by Kim Kauffman
Happy mid-Summer Greetings,
This is a quick note to let you know that two of Kim's lectures from her exhibition this past Spring at the Center for Photographic Art are now available on YouTube.

The titles are:
Illumitones: Explorations in Abstraction
Cameraless Imagery: Modern Methods Continue a Tradition

We have linked to them through our website on the Current Happenings page. Let us know what you think.
Kim Kauffman Lecture at the Center for Photographic Art
© 2011 Jack Wasserman
Kim introduced a new photo-collage series in early 2011. A subset of Illumitones, these images explore ambiguity in abstract photographs. How much information must an image include? How much will the viewer fill in? See Reductions. Reduction series by Kim Kauffman
Reduction.3.2011 ©2011 Kim Kauffman