Synecdoche Studio Photographs of Kim Kauffman
High Noon Culture Representing Kim Kauffman Photographer Photo LA 2014 visit High Noon Culture to see Kim Kauffman Photographs

Yan Li, owner of HIgh Noon Culture and Art in Beijing, China, will show my Confluence portfolio at the 23rd annual international photographic art exposition photo l.a. 2014. These images explore the meeting of the natural world and the human-created by joining my vibrantly colored and richly detailed botanical images with more monochromatic, nonrepresentational work. I believe that nature provides us ideal models of form and design from which to learn and draw inspiration, so this is a natural pairing.

January 16 - 19, 2014

L.A. Mart
1933 Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90007

High Noon                                             
Confluence 2 photograph by photographer Kim Kauffman

Windsor Art Center Exhibition "New Construction" with photographer Kim Kauffman & others

Selections from three related bodies of work – Florilegium, Investigations and Confluence – are part of an exhibition at the Windsor Art Center featuring six artists who work with modern interpretations of the age old genre, still life.

From the WAC web site:
New Construction features six photographers who construct, create or otherwise build images either to be photographed or as part of the process that culminates in a photographic image.  Most of these photographers utilize to some degree the material of traditional still life – objects, artifacts, artwork, flora and fauna.  But each photographer brings his/her own perspective and to varying degrees, the power of the cutting-edge digital toolbox to this venerable genre.”

January 18 - February 22, 2014

Opening Reception : January 18, 5-7 PM

40 Mechanic St., Windsor, CT 06095
     P  860.688.2528

Investigation: Fig a photograph by Kim Kauffman

UofM Logo

University of Michigan Hospital Gifts of Art program brings the world of art and music to patients, visitors and staff at the University of Michigan Health System. One of the first of its kind nationwide, this comprehensive program has been developed to enhance the Health System’s commitment to providing an enriching and comforting environment to assist and enhance the healing process, reduce stress, support human dignity and renew the spirit.

Fourteen Florilegium botanical photo-collages are displayed in the Main Corridor Gallery, second level.

December 16, 2013 - February 3, 2014

University of Michigan Health System
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109     P   734.936.4000

Fanfare from Kim Kauffman's Florilegium photographic series
Of Interest:

Over the holidays I read “Photography Changes Everything”, edited by Marvin Heiferman, with a forward by Merry Foresta. Co-published with the Smithsonian Institution, this compilation of essays came about from Heiferman’s participation in a project designed to raise awareness of the vast collection of photographs in the Smithsonian’s collections and archives. First came the web site “click! photography changes everything” where experts from a vast range of disciplines explore the ways photography shapes our lives and culture. Most essays included in the book are also available on the web site.

Photography was ever present in my life as a child and young adult. My father was an avid amateur photographer so I grew up in a much photographed family. He also worked for the premier aerial mapping firm, Abrams Aerial Survey, so I understood that photography had many functions. As a visual artist, images are my first method of communication, both sending and receiving. With photography such a natural part of life it is hard to imagine a time without images everywhere. “Photography Changes Everything” makes clear the radical cultural shift that the advent of photography brought about and continues to do. The broad range of applications in these essays point out how photography influences our well-being and understanding of the world in ways we may not be aware of. The book title is no overstatement.


Photography Changes Everything
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