s y n e c d o c h e

    f i n e  a r t  p h o t o g r a p h s  b y  K i m  K a u f f m a n
s    t    u    d    i    o 


Equipoise: creating a balance

equality in distribution, as of weight, relationship, or     emotional forces
state of balance
a weight or force that balances another

Plants - flowers, foliage, seeds, branches - have always fascinated me both to grow and live with and to record in my photography. Although other subject matter is also important to me, I always come back to the plants. Their beauty, complexity, perfection of form speak to me in a very basic way.

In a recent issue of “Nature Conservancy Magazine”, author Barry Lopez states, “Increasingly our culture is shaped by culture and not by landscape, so that our culture, spinning at an ever increasing rate, increasingly refers only to itself.” This statement resonates with me and brings into focus a critical purpose of my Florilegium photographs. I create these images not just to revel in the beauty of my subjects but also because I want to see them more widely represented in art and brought to the attention of the viewer.

There is much wonderful art, created by brilliant artists, that brings to our attention the details and truths of the human condition. I am not one of those artists. My goal is to help the viewer see more clearly the natural world around us, of which we are a part. Perhaps, for us to conscientiously live in the natural world, we need more references to it in our lives - so that we may come to value it more. In our modern culture, inundated with self-reference, I seek to put forth more images of the natural world. That's why I've chosen the title "Equipoise" - I hope to contribute to creating a balance.

Kim Kauffman, October 2004



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