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e  x  c  e  r  p  t  s

a selected passage, quotation, extract

Excerpts is a collection of images that explore the ingredients of my immediate surroundings. These hand colored black and white silver prints are intimate vignettes from everyday life. They are recordings of moments of serendipitous interplay - light from a window spilling on to the contents of a table top, a shadow on the deck isolating a fallen maple samara - and my presence to observe it all.

A celebration of life occurs through conscious attention to the details of one's milieu. In our busy lives it is often easy to become lost in working for or thinking about the future. For me it is essential to create balance - to linger in and consider my world, to enjoy the here and now. Creating these images was, in a way, a meditation for me. Like gardening, making these photographs allowed me to slow down and just be. The process is rejuvenating and lets me catch my breath in our hectic world.



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