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p  o  t  p  o  u  r  r  i

a musical or literary medley; a fragrant mixture of dried flowers and petals

This portfolio is a visual medley of my work. It is not intended as a body of work with a cohesive message, but rather a sampling of my explorations over a period of fifteen years.

I have always been intrigued with alternative methods of creating and displaying my photographs. Several are represented here. They include: selective toning of B&W prints, selectively developed B&W prints, Polaroid transfers, hand applied liquid emulsion, hand coloring of B&W photographs. Several address adding dimension to my images through inclusion of windows, either as photographs attached to the mats, or as actual windows. The windows are a metaphor for the photographer's view of the world. The particular method used with a photograph is identified on each portfolio page.

Most of the photographs in this portfolio are one of a kind and primarily reside in patrons' collections. I have included them to give you a more complete overview of my work. (Some images may be available. Please inquire if you are interested.)

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